Dispatch command to separate vertical & horizonal curves?

I’m attempting to separate the horizontal curves from the vertical curves (or tangent curve groups) and am not exactly sure how to execute it. I’d thought I could use the dispatch command to split them into two lists but I’m surely missing something.
Shell WIP.gh (34.1 KB)


Use Create Set and Member Index to group the vectors of the lines.

BTW I don’t see where your screenshot comes from in the file, there is no Dispatch after an Offset.

Shell WIP(1).gh (36.2 KB)

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Thank you very much for the help! I tried applying this workflow after surface morph to separate the elements but they appear to all be grouping under the same tree. I assume I’m approaching this the wrong way.


Shell (Cleaned).gh (22.5 KB)

Problem 1 : you are posting simplified versions of your problem in different threads, so this leads to incomplete answers :sweat_smile:
Problem 2 : there are grafts missing on the Sporph. It’s recieving 2 branches of 180 items on Geometry and lists of 2 elements on the other inputs, so the first extrusion gets morphed on the first surface, and all 179 remaining extrusions get morphed on the 2nd surface.
Problem 3 : this method can’t work on the morphed pattern because it’s based on the vector orientation, and once morphed on the pipe, all edges have different directions.
Problem 4 : no way it could work anyway because you have lists of 12 items here where it should be 180. A List Item + Trim Tree is missing somewhere.

Solution to all of this : apply the filter before the morph - easy because the lines are flat - and filter after the morph.

Shell (Cleaned).gh (26.7 KB)

Thank you again for the help! I’m trying my hardest not to post a grocery list of all my problems in one thread :sweat_smile:

Two questions

  1. You said to apply the filter before and after the morph. Would I apply the same set but with the extrusions listed for the list item command to do that?

  2. I’m seeing the 4 different channels coming from the data tree but am unsure what command to use to separate them into their respective groups. I’m hoping to separate the elements, unroll them and then nest them for the laser printer if that helps with context.

Did I say that ? Oh yes I did. Reminder : go to sleep when it’s 2am, don’t go on Discourse :sweat_smile:
I meant to build the filter before and apply it after. You don’t need two filters.

If you are sure you will never have more than 4 groups, you can use Explode Tree.