Re order of branches for accurate partition list

Hello, please excuse my simple question.

I have interpolated a set of points (in order to do so, the list is arranged so that the interpolate works), however I am having some trouble re ordering the set of interpolated curves so that they are grouped in a certain order (as in first image attached: group red, group blue, group black). Specifically, the data of the interpolation is 42 branches with 1 item, when I would like them to be 3 branches with 14. So when I do the partition list by 3, the partition works I believe radially (as in second image attached). I am being trying to solve this, but without sucess.
Thank you!
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you can group curves by distance of their start points.

20190721_Q& (18.7 KB)

Thank you Jakinta for your quick reply! That works perfectly with the description that I posted!
However, I would like to know how to separate those 3 branches from the list item, (without using an explode tree because those branches can change their quantity) in order to dispatch the curves inside each group… (see images attached). I am very sorry for the bother.

if i understood you well, you can use Tree Branch component for that.


Hello sailor,
If you do the partition by 14 instead of 3 it works.

Additionally, you can also use the lenght of the previous list to do the partition

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