Discrete Polyline

Hi everyone,

i have a problem with my script. I am trying to rework an existing polyline with new vectors, for this I use the Discrete Polyline, but this only stays the same at the start point and shifts the end point through the vectors. Is it possible that the polyline endpoints remain the same and only the area in between adapts to the new vectors?

Does someone has a idea how to achieve this?

Thank you in advance!


@Michael_Pryor, do you know this? I guess OP is referring to DPline (Discreet Polyline) from Pufferfish!?


Well. if you force the end point then your last segment would break the rules of being one of the vectors. You can use the Relocate Curve Ends component and just make the end point whatever you want.

@Michael_Pryor you’re right. Then the end points are the same but have a different vector than desired. It would be important to me that it performs this operation between the two end points with the angles given to me. The segment length can be different here. Maybe you know another solution?

Thanks for your quick reply.