Move overlapping Start/Endpoints

Following problem:
Let’s say i have a square out of 4 seperate Polylines. In the corners i always have two overlapping Start or Endpoints. Now my problem is, that i have no idea how to extract the overlapping points out of my list (sometimes its one start and one endpoint but its also possible that there are two start points with the same coordinates in the list, depends on the drawing order in rhino) to move them in different directions and different lenghts?
In the shown screenshot there i have a more complex polyline-geometry but you see that i marked the start/endpoints that i want to extract and move.
I hope you can help me with this problem

I think you want to create a set, and then take every set of points with more than one member.
With the information you provided, I think this might help.

I know is best to use only native components but this one includes a human component, anyway I hope it points on the right direction.

Thank you it worked so far…next step would be to put the points with same value/coordinates in the same path of the list, i think this is the only way to move them without “exploding” the corner points. And after that i have to replace the moved points to their original position into the first list from which i extracted them? Then create the new polyline (with moved start and endpoints)
But i have to figure out how this works :smiley: right now i have no idea

Ok, as I said its a bit hard without a file :sweat_smile:, but if you already have the desired end points for your polylines, and also the polylines, you just need to extract the control points of your polylines, replace items 0 and -1, with the corresponding closest point on the “desired end points cloud” and build the polylines once again

:smiley: sorry i will upload the files to give you a small overview…hope its not to incomprehensible because i did a lot of weird stuff in there

thanks!!! (29.3 KB)
MovePoints.3dm (208.5 KB) (35.6 KB)
Hope this helps! otherwise I wold recomend trying to draw it yourself once by hand and then trying to recreate the process. I’m sorry, because I dont have all of your plugins, this is the most that I could figure out, getting the information you want is easy, you just need to figure out a way to manage it within the correct order, branches, paths… Viel glück!

thank you!!!
this will help a lot!

Not sure this is of some help to you anyway, attached is a different approach for you… (36.9 KB)


cool thanks!