Discourse software is primitive

Discourse software is primitive because it is buggy, has no undo feature, and no speller. About one year ago I switched from Firefox Internet browser to Chrome browser. When I tried to use the Discourse, it automatically created new profile/identity. For several months I had two profiles. Then Discourse went haywire and eventually blocked my access to the old profile. Sometimes I type new post for a few minutes, make a mistake, and lose the entire post because there is no way to undo the mistakes.

The old Rhino forum was posted here:
It was better than Discourse. Now it is gone without a trace. All the wisdom posted on the old forum has been lost.

By the way, Discourse website is here: https://meta.discourse.org/ :-1:

Well, as one of the denizens of the old newsgroup from around 2000 up to its closure in 2013, I can truly say after 7 years of Discourse that there is no comparison - I would never go back to that format.

True, there is no spell checker integrated into it, but my FF seems to underline mispelled words for me anyway. Ctrl+Z works to undo - sometimes (plus Ctrl+Y to redo if you are lucky). It does seem a bit buggy at times. But on the other hand, you can edit your posts!

That, plus all the other features: drag’n’drop for images/videos/files, quoting, code block formatting, links, private messaging, spam flagging, etc. etc… As they say here “Il n’y a pas photo…”

Except that “wisdom” would be at least 7 years old today and perhaps more. That means it applied mostly to Rhino V4 and maybe a bit to the beginnings of V5. Windows only, Mac had it’s own forum (IIRC, NNTP wasn’t easy to get running on Mac either). I really don’t think there’s anything in there that would really help today that isn’t covered by newer and better info here or elsewhere in the Rhino constellation.

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