Disable reading Instance Definition from external file

In the block defnition property dialog, there is a check box that says ‘Read linked blocks from the file’. Is there any way to uncheck this using RhinoCommon? Below is the picture of the dialog.

Hi @Darryl_Menezes, i just tried something with a simple “Embedded and linked” block definition containing a box from an external 3dm file. After using DestroySourceArchive the checkbox got disabled and type changed to “Embedded”.


Hi @clement,
Thanks for the solution. I was actually looking for a way to uncheck the check box without losing the links. The reason is that when i am working on a file which has blocks located on a remote server, they take a lot of time to load when the box is checked.

@Darryl_Menezes, i guess Rhino needs to check to see if the linked block is still up to date which might take some time if the files are on a network.

You could try to store the path somewhere (eg. UserString) and embed the instance unlinked, then update manually and restore with InstanceDefinitionTable.RefreshLinkedBlock.

Also take a look at InstanceDefinition.UpdateType which you can set.


Hi @Darryl_Menezes,

The property you are looking to set is InstanceDefinition.SkipNestedLinkedDefinitions. There is no way of doing this at this time in RhinoCommon. I’ve created an issue in YouTrack to address this.


– Dale