Direct surface control point manipulators and UVW improvement


(B Design Bg2) #21

Quick questions. Is it possible to implement:

  1. A temporary lock of the U or V directions during moving a control point with the Drag mode > Polygon tool via holding down Ctrl or Shift? In this situation, holding Ctrl will allow movement only along the U direction, while Shift will allow movement only along the V direction. This will help with avoiding the accidental movement to the other direction when the camera angle is too steep, or the camera is not that close, or the distance of movement is way too small to be done in the proper direction with the mouse. During U or V lock it will help to temporarily show the U or V letters next to the control polygon to tell exactly what’s the expected direction of allowed control point manipulation.

  2. A temporary drag strength set at 10% while holding Ctrl or Shift during the aforementioned U/V lock of the moving direction? Again, this is done to allow the modeler to fine tune the control point(s) from other camera angles and with much greater precise than what the mouse allows. I know about the “Drag strength” slider, but it requires additional mouse clicks for every time the modeler wants to move the control point(s) at a different rate (or waste time with zoom-in of the camera for every occasion like this), while my idea is to speed-up the working process by having that built into the “Set drag mode > ControlPolygon” tool. Obviously, when someone is going to use the 100% drag strength (i.e. without holding down Ctrl or Shift), he or she will not need to fine tune the control point, nor it will be a problem to navigate the movement in the desired direction since full speed adjustments are done for greater distances.


That’s a fantastic tool. It’s called Planarize Hull.