Adjusting control points

When adjusting control points, the pointer on the UV and N slider controls springs back to centre when released and the adjustment is set. Any mistake is simply undone (with the undo button).

There are times (many) when, for example, a V direction drag is started yet the intention is to adjust U. Wish I could interrupt the adjustment by pressing escape when I realise I’m dragging in the wrong direction.

Undo command will reset the control point to the position it had before the last move.

To that end, why not include a duplicate “Undo” button right in the Move UVN dialog box? Since this function by it’s nature is highly interactive with repetitive trial and error, having a nearby undo button would save an awful lot of mouse miles. @brian ?

If the scroll pointer had a sort of a snap at the scroll central location, you would be assured the control point was accurately back to where you started dragging it.

Not a bad suggestion, but control points frequently need micro-adjustment in which case a snap that reaches out and grabs the cursor just when you’ve got it about where it needs to be is beyond frustrating. Much of the time you can’t zoom very far in because you need to watch the big picture.

I should have chosen a word other that snap, more like an indent on the actual scrolling slot, so you can return the scroll pointer exactly to the centre to undo the drag while still in the UVN dialog.

The current way to return the scroll pointer to the centre is by eye, so the control point does not end up back where it started - I know the numbers are probably tiny, but it would be the equivalent of an undo.

I still like my idea of having the undo button close at hand :slight_smile:

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It would also help a lot if it was possible to right-click while dragging a UVW slider, in order to cancel the current adjustment of the control point(s) and move it back to its original location. This kind of right-click cancel/undo command is already implemented in many other tools in Rhino, but it’s really pity that the UVW tool lacks it.