Direct-edit fail/bug

If I shift-ctrl-select the white face and move it in z[direct edit fail.3dm|attachment], I end up with a mess.

direct edit fail.3dm (57.6 KB)

Yep. I reported this way back when. Rhino cannot direct edit something connected to a trimmed cylinder. Even one that has top and bottom untrimmed edges, but has a hole in the cylinder surface somewhere.

Which is ok with me, really, but it should not allow it or something. Otherwise, I mess something up and don’t realize it for 2 hours and then I’m sad.

Well basically my approach to this solid editing stuff is not to use it on anything that is not composed of entirely of planar surfaces - with a little caution this can be extended to some non-planar untrimmed surfaces with all linear edges. And check the result after every operation. That’s it.

Me too - makes it much less useful than it could be.


In the end, this actually looks like just a bad programming mistake - like a transformation that got made to the world coordinate system and then not transformed back to the object or something. Otherwise, why would all the objects behave like the following?

All the bad rows of control points go to almost the same place, regardless of where the object is located in space… :exploding_head:


Hi -

Put on the list as RH-61326.

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