Dimensions have "sticky" Project - please fix

Is “Project” supposed to be sticky on dimensions?

Dimension an object in Front with Project on.
Group the dimension to the Object.
Move the Group in a different viewport.
The dimension does not move with the object, but remains “stuck” to the CPlane in which it was drawn.

This seems like a new behavior, and Project isn’t sticky for any other type of object that I am aware of. Why won’t the dimension move with the group? Can dimensinos please go back to moving with the group?

Hi Mike - I see this, thanks.


On further exploration, I think this is a new History issue. When I made the dimension, I had Always Record History turned on. (Which is normal for me and for many in the jewelry industry). Now that moving a child object with the parent no longer breaks History, the dimension is getting redrawn with Project on in the new location.

Can you confirm if this is what’s going on?

If so, this is one more place where I am not a fan of the new History rules around moving child objects. There are so many unintended consequences when you model with Always Record History turned on. So far, the problems with the updated history rules outweigh the benefits for me.

That is my guess as to what is going on - or related anyway - I have not dug in yet… I did see that with History explicitly turned on in V6 it does not do this, but I have not really dug in…