Difficult thing about pick objects

Hi there.
Is it possible to write a funciton that we can get objects which are close to a certain point?
I hope there will be some efficent way,but not check object one by one.
Something like we chose objects connected to one point by cursor.

something like the function in rhino.geometry.collection.meshvetexlist class
public int[] GetConnectedVertices(int vertexIndex)

Here if we wanna get connected vertices, all we have to do is pass in the vertex index.

And if it is not a point object guid passed into the function, maybe just the coordiantes, is it possible?

Any replies are appreciated.Thanks.

They might be a way. But having more information on what you are trying to do and why might be helpful to us…

Hi Dale. I do not know whether this is helpful to you guys.
But I think it will be helpful to many people as me.
If I can get objects connected to one point through thousands of objects, I can quickly do something on these closest objects.But not spend a long time on checking each object if it is the connected one, and then do some operation next.

Is there any function I can find in rhino.net or rhinocommon which is something like selectobject by a box domain, then
I can save a lot of time.

Well, you don’t have to ‘click’ on an object to select it. Rhino also support window and crossing selections by just dragging and releasing the mouse.

What specifically are you trying to select?