Selection point by GetObject

Hi there,

I need some help with the GetObject function. Is there any alternative to get the selection point by GetObject function. I know, that GetObjectEx can provide it but GetObjectEx does not have Group and SubObject properties.

Hi, what language are you using?

For example in RhinoScript, you could run Rhino.GetCursorPos() right after the GetObject method and use the first array item (0) in world coordinates in Rhino.PointPick [you would have to filter the PointPick results, maybe by distance to camera?].


Group selection does not apply to GetObject, which selects a single object.

– Dale

It is right, GetCursorPos could work in case of one object. But, I would like to select a SurfaceEdge subobject and Rhino asks which curve I want to select. So, when the dialog comes up I need to select one edge from the list. After the CursorPos register the mouse however the point wont be on the edge but on the dialog box.

That is right. I would like to select a sub-object, edge.

Good point; I don’t know any way around this, sorry.

You’ll need to use something other than RhinoScript.

– Dale