Different point numbers

Hi everyone !
These are GRC molds. Models are solid. I have a lot of molds. Every molds are similar but not same. All models contain two “V” form cover .(Left-right and dimentions secont picture). I want to make with with Grasshopper automaticle. My problem is molds model’s vertexs and edges number are differens. How the numbers become the same?

gh.gh (4.5 KB)gh soru2.3dm (288.9 KB)

Can you please internalize your geometries?
(right-click internalize on Brep parameters)

You’ll need to sort the vertex points along world axis and/or some other way to get a reliable order…

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Sorry I do not understand you ! I am new on GH. Can you show me?

Generally Rhino contains geometry (heavy data, lot of points, curves etc) and grasshopper is a light small file containing only code.

Inside grasshopper there are the params (like the “Brep” you used) which can cointain REFERENCED geometries , that is just a “link” to the actual rhino file geometries, not the geometry itself.
As you attached the .gh file only and not also the .3dm , it does not contain the geometries.
2020-03-03 12_52_09-Grasshopper - gh_

But, you can also save the geometries inside the param object.

You need to “internalize” your geometries (to save them inside the .gh file) in the Brep params.
See the video at point 3 here: How to ask effective questions
(Also, see that whole post…)

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ok. I added the Rhino file

gh_V2.gh (14.5 KB)

The vertices of a brep (or polysurface) are in a almost random order.
A method to get the ordered points of a face, is first to get the face, i did so by sorting along X.

Then, for each face (that is a rhino surface) convert it into a curve, and adjust its seam (start/end point) in way that will give a predicable result.
(also we know that the direction clockwise/counterclockwise is constant because of the normal of the face is always out-going from the brep).

Try to study this a bit.
It already have a tree structure, if you want it simpler, bypass the Merge component and use a single Brep at time.

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Thank you so much.