Did Curve.Simplify method change?

I’m getting issues in commands where I used Curve.Simplify. It seems like if nothing got changed to the curve it now returns null whereas I’m pretty sure before it would just return the same curve if nothing got changed.

There is a recent bug report filed about this

That topic seems to be related to the SimplifyCrv command and not the RhinoCommon method, but if whatever causes that bug gets solved and solves my bug as well, I’m happy.

Hi @siemen it might be related, but to be sure I added RH-78943 Curve.Simplify returns null

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hi @siemen apparently this was a bug that has been fixed, so this means you will no have to check if the result turns null/false and then provide the original curve yourself.

Right, so the previous behaviour was the actual bug and the current behaviour is how it was supposed to be? :smiley:

according to Greg, yes, as it was always documented to return null when no change would be made.