Diameter of a shape

There is chance to get the maximum size of a 2d shape (diameter??) as for red one:

Thanks in advance.

can you try giving a different example?

it’s not entirely clear (to me at least) what you’re asking.

Sounds like you want a minimum bounding box. I have a feeling there are several scripts around but don’t necessarily have the latest / best one around…

See if this one by @Helvetosaur gets what you need:

Scratch that idea. You want a maximum bounding box… :blush:

Circle with the Tangent option seems like a possibility, but I still do not see how to hit the absolute largest one.


I need to have the maximum bounding box (max dimension) of the red shape.

I used 3 points circle but is not correct, as you can see I got different radius depending where I took the 3 points.

Measuring it is also not easy.

Many thanks in advance.

oh… i see… for whatever reason, i thought the red curve was 3D and it was confusing me :wink:

so the largest linear dimension possible across the red curve… got it.

it seems Circle-> Tangent,Tangent,Radius snaps into the right place (click the first point anywhere along the curve then for the second point, move the cursor around the curve… there’s a point where it snaps and i think that’s the dimension you’re looking for?) however, i can’t seem to make it that radius stick upon completing the command

It looks like Circle Tangent may do the job on this type of curve. The second tangent point snaps to a diameter - Enter after clicking to place the second point to accept that circle.



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right, that’s the same thing i was saying while we were posting at the same time… i can’t get the circle to draw at the end though… i’ll try again. :wink:

[edit- oh… i get it… don’t use tangent-tangent… just Circle- then tangent option]

Thanks :smiley: