Devloft command

i use to use dev loft and there was a window that came up with settings for the surface, now it doesn’t do that ? just wondering is this older version of dev loft still available ?

Try -DevLoft instead of DevLoft

Try -DevLoft instead of DevLoft, ? these are the same,

-DevLoft makes some options available. Try it and see if it resolves your problem.

thanks but i still don’t get the options window,

Are you thinking of DevSrf rather than DevLoft? DevSrf brings up a panel which includes a setting for density of the surface rulings?

yes, i think that’s it, i think, i had to install a plug-in from rhino, is that right ?

DevSrf is a plugin from McNeel (developers of Rhino) and is available on Food4Rhino: DevSrf | Food4Rhino
Rhino 7 uses the Rhino 6 version.

DevSrf is also available for Rhino 4 and Rhino 5: Developable Surface Construction [McNeel Wiki]

awesome, thanks, i just downloaded it, so i’m guessing, if i install this, i will have both commands ?

Yes, you will have both DevSrf and DevLoft

david, i just found out from rhino that you can type / -devloft and yo get options in the command line. i’m thinking this is the same as the devsrf plug-in, what do you think ?