Developable surfaces

@lowell thanks for your help Lowell ! Yes i think that’s it, my goal might be for example to use an optimization solver to test different solutions of the input rails, but also the position and density of the ruling and try to minimize the Gaussian curvature of the surface or the area difference after unrolling and find the best options.

OK, As I mentioned in the other thread, I filed a request to add a function to call DevLoft:

404: Nope, can’t find it!

on the other thread the link that you shared was bugging so i thought you did a new one for that reason.
i saw that you still were trying to figure out what is my request, i am just trying to call that dev loft command in grasshopper using he same parameters that are proposed in rhino 6.
Thanks for your help

I have added that clarification to the request item.

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