Development one script

I need some one can suport me in development one script to cut in 2D

Hi @ruben,

What kind of script are you trying to write? Are you using RhinoScript or Python?

– Dale

Hi Dale

Thank you for your email

The idea is created one script to do the 2D cut.

In the file cut 2D.3dm is teh exemple I used.

In the file 2D CUT you can is the explanation to do the script.

In the file Arrange Tiles is one old script can help to see my ideia.

You can help me in this point.

Best reagrds


ArrangeTiles.rvb (11.1 KB)

Hi Dale
You get my last mensage, what is your opinion about it

Where can we find this file?

Hi Dale

I created this file, this is one small example from teh parts I like cut.

Hi Dale

Is possible created the script to do this way of cut?

But you have to upload it :slight_smile:

Sorry know the file

cut 2D.3dm (72.8 KB)

Hi @ruben,

The .3dm file you’ve posted was created with a cracked, or illegal, copy of Rhino 4.0.

Rhinoceros 4.0 - Asian Corporate, build 2011-03-09 - (compiled Mar  9 2011)
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Before you post on our forums again, please make sure you are using a legal copy of Rhino. If you do not own a legal copy of Rhino, you can purchase one from here:

– Dale

Hi Dale

Is not crack version but is one demo version I download from site Rhinoceros

Hi Dale

I want buy the official version from Rhinoceros but before I need see if the software can do the work I need

This why I need Your support to development the script

What link did you used to download your copy of Rhino?

– Dale