Determine negative values of radius?

Is there a way to show the values of radius which sit above the curve to be shown as a negative value for the arc, keeping the ones below the curve as positive? (52.1 KB)

You can check if the base of the circles is above the corresponding point on the curve.
Substract one z value to the other z value, and compare the result to 0. (smaller or larger component)

Then you can dispatch your values, or anything else !

I can see your point about the curves and radius, I am unsure as to how to implement this into the program. Is there a way you could give me an example? Many thanks

Can’t check your file right now, will check later if someone didn’t show you yet.

In the meantime, check for the components deconstruct point 2 times, smaller than, dispatch
They all have instructions on how to use them

I have managed to get it to set true or false for if the curvature is above or below the line, but I would like the true values to be set to negative and the false values to be set to positive. (51.5 KB)

I would strongly suggest to either test more, or read more what the component do.
You will save yourself a huge amount of time :slight_smile:

Is it what you were looking for? (46.7 KB)

That is fantastic thank you!