Determinant of a matrix in Grasshopper

Hi, I know grasshopper could do basic matrix equations such as adding and multiplication. I am wondering of there is anyway that grasshopper do determinant of a matrix. Has any body done anything around this?

That’s very easy via C# (see attached).

If you are not in the C# bandwagon notify (I’ll add an user Matrix as input option since as it is works with a rnd values demo Matrix). (11.0 KB)

Thanks. I do not know C#. Possibly you can add matrix as an input. I have attached my matrixModal (8.8 KB)

Get it.

Note: if userMatrix is null or is not valid or is not Matrix (in plain English: you input bananas) … then the internal demo takes over (use: rows, columns, min, max). (122.1 KB)