Grasshopper Text to Matrix

Hello everyone, i am having trouble with some data conversion issue.

I am supposed to make grasshopper read a text file and then make this data used on some other work. But the case is, the text data is in a form which all data are seperated with a space, since this data belongs to a small ship resistance calculation program.

Also i can’t change its properties manually because the thing i am trying to do is a full automation work. So when i create a “read file” command on grasshopper it recognizes the file as a text file and i can’t pick the values one by one because they are all counted as one row value. Also when i try to connect it to a matrix file i get the error “data conversion failed from text to matrix” . Any easy or alternative way to convert the data in a way that i can pick the numbers seperately?

I have also tried using matlab for this, but i am having save command errors at that side too. I am sharing the pictures which i get errors. Thank you.

This might be of some help to you… (6.1 KB)

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Thank you so much! Now i am keeping on =)