Design solution

Hello, I need help regarding my pavilion design. Actually I wanted to create a entrance like ‘Audi ring pavilion’ along with the ramp which leads to my upper spaces. But I dont how to make a entrance like that with the ramp. I have attached my rhino file. form.3dm (624.1 KB)

I’m not 100% sure what you are trying to recreate from the Audi pavilion.

I see the potential to use the following tools:

Or, potentially, the new SubD tools in the Rhino WIP.

Actually I wanted to re-create the entrance like Audi ring pavillion with my current form and I am having problem with that

@irnainhaider Still not sure what you’re tying to accomplish. The tools listed above are what I would use to make this kind of shape.

Add _OffsetSrf.

Start by researching the tools listed above. If you’re still stuck, describe the the kind of geometry you are trying to make, what you have tried thus far, and why it isn’t working as expected.