Design Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms in Grasshopper

I had been trying to make genetic form based on minimum solar radiation from ladybug all I could do is a simple loft the form I need is a little bit more complex its something like the one in this video but with eclipse base and cap

form the third time - (67.7 KB)

this is the GH file I did make so, how do I make a definition of an elliptic form but like the prosses in the video?

where is the question in your statement?

how to write a definition like the one in the video but with the elliptic form ?

you need more genes (sliders) and more complex fitness function. Galapagos is nothing more as a trial and error algorithm, trying out several slider states, sorting they outcome by “score”. You need to value slider positions not only by maximum radiation but also about other factors like area, optimal radii, edge length whatever you like to do. In the end you sum up and all “scores” and pass them in as a fitness value. In order to get meaningful results you need to weight each score value right. However besides that, don’t expect an meaningful result at all. Besides all the fancy videos on the web, good design can’t be done by algorithms. It’s impossible to write and feed enough information in, in order to let an algorithm evaluate it right. So in the end you only loose credibility as a designer. I would always advise to make it the old, other way around… do the form finding traditionally and see what can be optimised by a good analysis and don’t overvalue results by some tools. You can’t validate results anyway.

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thanks a lot,:grinning:
I get what you mean honestly the tradition way its really easier but it doesn’t have a lot of accuracy
I tried to make more sliders but the form that I get is totally ruined especially I am totally beginner :grimacing: