Deleting coordinate points in a list (16.1 KB)

I have made GH Construct Points showing up in Rhino and in GH the coordinates display accurately in a panel list. Now I want to get rid of a few points here and there (not contiguous). I can select those points one by one with List Item. Now, how do I delete the item selected?

I tried to stream the panel list to Excel in order to delete by rows, but the stream content was not showing up there. Tried also to write from the panel to Excel with plug-in GhExcel. Do I need to learn Python for this?

There is probably an easier way altogether?

Sounds like what you need is Cull Index.(Sets–>Sequence–>Cull Index)

Yes, it works; great. But it seems I can only cull one at a time, repeating the operation until all unwanted points are gone. Is there no way to give a “multi-index” input and get rid of them ni one go? Would be a typical GH feature…
Anyway, thanks

But it seems I can only cull one at a time

incorrect, You can plug multiple things in with Shift+Drag, or plug a list of numbers in, or right click on the I input and select Set Multiple Integers. Take your pick.

Have you bothered to do any intro to tutorials online or the ones provided by Grasshopper (in Grasshopepr go to Help > Tutorial Files). It will likely be one of the first things most intro tutorials will teach you.

Hi Michael, Thanks for telling something so easy. I did know about Shift+Drag but could not imagine it works also for multi number sliders to an index input.
I tried also to Set Multiple Integers but I did not see where to feed in those numbers. Is it another dialog box? With a simple panel the Cull Index goes red. Please advice also on this.

Put your mouse cursor on the indices(I)input of Cull Index–> RMB click–>select “Set Multiple Integers” and input your indices there.

When you plug a panel rhight click and choose multiline data


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Perfect! The trick though, is not to have any number sliders plugged in at the same time. Thanks again!

Hi again,
With the help received above the final list is now showing the right coordinates as wanted. Now I want to clean out the “waste” and carry on with the project.
But the deleted ones still remain in Rhino as if it does not update according to GH. In Rhino I cannot delete them either as they are red crossed, linked to GH. What can I do then?

You just need to turn off the geometry preview that you want.

And as @Michael_Pryor said above, it’s a good idea to learn some basic tutorials in advance before you asking every details you want to know.