Delete User Text Key

How do you delete a user text key?

Hi Dennis- I think just assign a blank value

Add key/value:
Key = Ping Value= Pong

To remove the Ping key

Key=Ping, Value = “”


Huh. Well now I seem to be stuck. I created the key value through the text properties dialog box which allowed me to put a space in key name, but now when I run the command “setusertext”, to set the value of the key i thinks my space is a return. For instance:

Key = User Text
Value = 24


Actually was able to do it through a little script I wrote. That allows you to set user text values through a dialog box. Here if interested.

On a side note it would be really nice if user text would show up in the properties of element similar to dim properties, leader properties, render properties…ect.

Hi Dennis- any time you enter text at the command line, enclose it in “double quotes” if there are spaces.


Thanks will store that away. I tried single quotes and then gave up, should have keep going.


Nice script!
One question, if the usertext is empty the window won’t show up. Say I want to give objects without usertext a new usertext, but not in the commandline, instead i want to enter the values in the popup window. Is that possible?

Not at this time. I was something I quickly put together. There are a bunch of stuff that could be added like. The ability to change multiple elements at once, add new Keys ect… Maybe someone with more programming experience could take a stab at it.