Delete the close button of dockbar c++

I Create a dock bar panel with this example, it run good.
But I can not get the Window close message or Delete the close button. Have friends to provide some ideas ?

Hi @suc_kiet,

In this sample, the tabbed dialog is embedded the docking container. The docking contain can contain one or more tabbed dialogs.

I doubt its possible to remove the docking container’s close button. Why do you want to do this?

– Dale

Hi @Dale,
When I click the close button, the tabbed dialog closes, but the code inside the OnClose() function is not running, so I want to remove the close button and write my own close button. But it would be better if there were another way to get the tabbed dialog closing message.

Hi @dale ,
I found a solution to the problem. Thank you.
virtual void OnShowDockBar(IDockBarEventWatcher::ShowEventArgs args);