Delete is not possible anymore

I deleted a part of my Rhino-Model and want to undo it. Evertime I try to undo it it just stays the same. So there is a problem with my ‘undo-function’ and i need help to get back my deleted stuff.

I deleted several paths and objects at the same time with the ‘trim’ tool. Then i wanted to undo this step but nothing history just repeats one specific step while im trying to delete more it just stops at one action and does it over and over again

its a little confusing, sorry. it actually sounds like you are having some real problems, usually undo should work after and during trimming. does this problem happen in all files?

if so use ExportPreferences followed by ResetPreferences and ImportPreferences and see if this helps. if not skip the Export and ImportPreferences part and do only the reset and build up Rhino from scratch in case you have commands and displaymodes.

edit: you can also try to browse your versions in case you have saved it and need this urgently back. its being described here

in case you have not saved it you can check this folder if it was still saved. in Finder use cmd G to get a pop window and put this adresse in with your own user account name: /Users/YOUR OWN USER/Library/Autosave Information or go there manually its in that library which is hidden.