Accidentally saved over three hours of work. Help?

I was operating on a 3D model (i’ll call it markethall.3dm), adding final touches to it. This was my primary model that all my drawings and renderings are based off of. I did a Make2D and started working on the Elevation view on the same file. (I usually do this, then delete the 3D stuff and save the 2D lines as a different file name.) After I finished the 2D drawing, I deleted the 3D stuff, saved the file as a different name (elevationview.3dm), and then re-opened the original file (markethall.3dm) to start creating a section view. Then I realized I had forgotten to save the progress I had made on the 3D model prior to starting the 2D drawing, so it was exactly the same as it was when I opened it in the first place, so the 3+ hours of work that I did on markethall.3dm was saved over, and now all the remains is the original version of markethall.3dm and the 2D drawing, elevationview.3dm, which was made in the same window that I deleted the updated version of markethall.3dm from. Is there any way I can get back 3D components in elevationview.3dm that I deleted just before saving? The delete command that got rid of everything 3D is even still in the log ribbon on the top of the screen, but I can’t undo anything that happened before the save.

Not quite sure if I follow, but if you deleted the 3D geometry and then saved and closed the file, you’re going to be out of luck I think… If your Rhino is set to make automatic backups, you might have a .bak file with the same name in the same folder, and that might have some of what you need…

Otherwise, in reading your procedure, it seems very dangerous to be deleting stuff like that when there’s really no reason. Don’t use SaveAs, use Export to export the 2D stuff to a different file if you need to work on it separately, otherwise use layer sets to be able to hide what you don’t want to see and continue to work in the same file, but don’t delete stuff like that! (my 2¢ anyway)


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Thanks for the advice. I’m used to being able to have multiple tabs open so with rhino I’ve never been sure what the best way is to go about exporting and such.

Layers are really useful… No need to delete anything. Put it on a layer and simply hide it.

Well, I mean ‘turn that layer off’ … ‘hide’ is a separate topic…:guardsman:

1- check if Windows has versions stored fore the file. (This can be turned on in windows 10)
2- you might have been lucky an have the file on dropbox and if so just download an earlier version.
(But first check the backupfile that Rhino makes when it saves)