Delete duplicated points


Im working on 8 surfaces and divided them by points, and im using those points to make circles.
im having problem deleting the duplicated points in the edges of the surfaces. actually if its possible somehow delete all the points on the edges it will be better.
thank you. (12.5 KB)


You gotta internalise your base geometry.

hi amir,
thank you for the fast reply.

what do you mean by internalise the base geometry?

We cannot access any geometries you referenced from Rhino. Right-click the components and select “internalise data”. See here: (12.5 KB)

thank you for that!

I think that does what you want. (unfortunatelly it flattens the data structure of the points, I don’t know if you need it for the rest of your definition) (11.0 KB)

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