Delete Branches After Nth Branch/Recombine Lists

Hello All,

I have been trying to randomly divide curves so that I can move the points in different directions and then recombine the points back into a polyline. I have succeeded in randomly distributing points on each line (I have tried many methods with anemone etc but this has worked the best so far). I am now trying to reconnect the points and it seems that in placing points I have created an excess of data branches. What is the best method for deleting all the data branches except for the first 250 so that my list lengths line up and I can combine the start point with the random points and then the end point?

Any help is very much appreciated, (25.4 KB) (19.5 KB)

You generated too many parameters, that’s the problem.
You can simplify and merge as in the pic, or you can add “0” and “1” parameters at the start (0) and end (-1) of parameter list, see attached file…

I see, thank you so much for your help!