Delaunay Mesh - remove unwanted elements


I am doing a Delaunay triangulation out of app. 4000 points. At the boundaries, I get some unwanted very thin and long triangles. Is there an easy and efficient way to get rid of them? I already tried to trim but without satisfying results. Additionally, I tried to compute the angle of each element and delete if they surpass a certain value, but this seemed to be rather complicated.

Is there e.g. an easy way to delete triangles, which are either too thin or too long?

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Cull faces with exceedingly long perimeters (sum of edge lengths).


thanks for the quick answer. It works, but since some triangles in my mesh are very big, I can’t remove all of them (although it already looks quite good). Is there an easy way to check all angles in my mesh? I played around a bit, but everything seems to be quite complicated…
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One popular measure of triangle quality is the ratio of the radius of the incircle to that of the circumcircle.
An advantage of this is that it is scale independent (23.0 KB)


Hi thanks. I think this is just the solution I was looking for!

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U can try this as well