Delaunay Mesh not connecting right


Why delaunay mesh don’t connect the rights points in some area ?

I would like it connect following the green lines.



Delaunay make connections trying to make triangle as euilateral as possible.
But with projected points.

Without your data is difficult to say else.
Try to use a different plane of projection.

I see… the problem is the projection… even with different planes the result is never as expected.
I should try to find a different way to do this.

Looks like you have a grid. Use that grid to your advantage. Make mesh faces as panels.

No I only have points

What I mean is it looks like your points are aligned in a grid pattern.

points.3dm (182.9 KB)

I only have this points from my customer. I think It’s made by hand on rhino. (on a surface, I cant share it)