Delaunay connection between multiple curves

I’m trying to create a surface beetween the curves that you see in the picture and in the script, in order to have an organic form with bridges as a result, but I can’t find a proper way to do it.
The curves should be the outer shape of a building.
I have tried with loft, ruled surfaces or patch, but nothing worked. Then I tried with delaunay or weavebird but it seems that the points are not in order, so the result is a mess of lines.
The command Proximity 3D seems to be the best option so far, but it creates holes when the curves are far from each other, plus I don’t know how to create a surface from that…

Can anyone help me?
Thank you!

Metaballs (147.9 KB)

It is a classical problem, You will need Ball Pivot.

After this “coarse” meshing I invite you to test the QuadRemesher in the Rhino 7 Wip and then why not SUbD

I advise you to make isocurves in 2 others axes. Then feed points the RhinoCommand MeshFromPoints

Then QuadRemesh


Thank you for your answer!
Now I’m trying to do what you suggested me… but is it Ball Pivot a plug in for grasshopper or is it already included and has maybe a different name? (Ball Pivot = Metaball?)
I see that you did the surface already not using grasshopper, so I’m going to try also that way, which seems perfect!

Meshfrompoints from rhino works well. Grasshopper is not mandatory and ball pivots ate not better than rhino command. Also the mesh had to be cleaned. It is easier to do it in rhino …

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I see that Meshfrompoints from rhino works very well, I just have to add some curves where there aren’t so many, otherwise it creates holes.
I can’t find the command QuadRemesh, but I guess it’s the same as QuadrangulateMesh.

Thank you very much! You were very helpful!

Yes they are holes it why I said to you to make curves on 2 others planes xz and yz. So you will have a better point coverage and mesh from point will work better, led holes.
Filling holes is done in Rhino.
Quadremesh is in Rhino7 WIP