Deformation meshes (cocoon meshes)

Hello everyone,

I have a serious problem with grasshopper script since I’m new in grasshopper so I come here to ask for your help please.

I have cocoon meshes that I split and I want to make some deformations

2021-01-08 (6)_LI

on them to get to something similar to the image. Can you please help me !


I couldn’t download the file because it’s too voluminous that’s why I put different images of the scripts. I will try again

Split the script, use the “internalise” function to save the needed geometry in your script.
For example if you have a mesh that you can’t close. Right click on the component Mesh, you will see internalise menu. Click on that and you will see the link disappear. So everything on “the left” of the definition could be destroyed. We don’t need the buildings …

So split your problems in little problems. And with that you will get help. it is very hard to help with screenshots.