Cant control the mesh using cocoon

(Sreehari793) #1

I’m fairly new to grasshopper and i have a lot of questions …i was trying to mesh a veneration pattern , but the meshed surface seems to be (16.5 MB)
…how to fix this?
thanks advance

(Tim Stark) #2

Didn’t had a look at your script, but out of personal experience, I would use dendro plugin instead of cocoon.

(Sreehari793) #3

i did try that but i didnt get the result i wanted :frowning:

(Michael Pryor) #4

Probably you should give some diagram about what you want to achieve. More than likely it was a user error since you are new.

(Sreehari793) #5

(Sreehari793) #6

i tried these in dendro …was unable to get a variable piping similar to the earlier. then i tried dividing the curve in points but it gave result same to straight pipes
thank you for helping :slight_smile:
the following is of another iteration


Just by using one of the example demo file fr food for rhino, you can get this. (58.0 KB)