Deconstruct Brep is duplicating faces

I am using the deconstruct Brep node in order to get the face and extrude up. The problem is, when I deconstruct I am getting duplicated faces. If I bake the brep, there is one face. When I deconstruct and then bake, There are 2 identical surfaces on top of each other.

No, that component does not duplicate geometry. You must be giving it duplicate breps, or invalid breps (if they can have duplicated faces, which I don’t think), or you are missyncing the branches somehow after the component.

Without seeing the file we won’t be able to find the error.

Here is sample of where it is happening. It won’t let me upload the OSM file though. When I hover over the Brep, it says it has 93 values, the 93 buildings in the OSM area. But when I hover over faces, it says it has 186 values, so double the Brep.

Site (9.7 KB)


Internalize the brep parameter and upload again the file. Can’t it be that every brep has two faces?

Oh wow, didn’t know about the internalize feature. Thanks for the tip. Here you go.

Site (104.6 KB)

A quick check of baking the breps before they go into the debrep component and exploding them in rhino shows that each brep already had 2 faces prior to the debrep component.

The fix is easy, just insert a list item component as shown highlighted in blue here.

Not to beat a dead horse, but you would have gotten an answer faster if you had posted a file initially. How to ask effective questions

Ah, I didn’t explode it to see it had 2 faces. But just that List item did the trick. Thanks

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