Decompose an object

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a small project of crafting a storage box. I modelized my project to see how many planks I will need to craft it, and I was wondering if there is a command to take every objects and to place them in a precise axe, like in this case on the flat side. Because from now, I need to take every objects from my model, move and rotate them to place them in my plank template after.

Thank you.

well, Unrollsrf will flatten the surfaces to one axis at least. the may not be compacted next to each other like in your example. for something more like it you might have to consider using grasshopper (look for rectangular packing).

Thank you for the tips. It is not exactly what I was looking, but the command you told me will be very useful in the future.

i might have not understood your need fully, can you explain a little more elaborate? also best to reply to my post directly i might not see the response otherwise.

Hello Encephalon. I wish to decompose every elements of an object in order to know the number of pieces I need to build it and also the number of planks I could need to craft them. The command you told me is a good way to get to my needs, but if I have to modelized objects like wooden plancks, it decomposes also the edge of the planck. I wish to know if there could be a way to extract only the main surface of my objects and put the surface on the same plane…

again i just saw your post coincidentally, there is a button reply directly next to each post, if you press this rather than the reply below the people will get notified, otherwise nothing might happen.

for this task i usually use ExtractSrf set to copy. best you call the command before then just click through the surfaces you want to unroll.

@Pier-Olivier_Cauchon - try this macro - select the outer face of each plank that you want to unroll.

! _ExtractSrf _Copy=_Yes _Pause _Enter _SelLast _NonManifoldMerge _SelLast _UnrollSrf _Enter _Delete