Data tree structure - split list component

I am using split list to pick a coordinate out a list (in this case 2). I then use this point with some others ad vertices in a polyline.

The issue is that split list takes in data of the form {0;0} and outputs it as {0;0;0}. I can obviously flatten it but how can I remove the middle branch / avoid ‘split list’ doing this to the data? I can solve this but I want to understand why the component is doing this as I don’t see the need. The attached image should illustrate this.

  • if there is another method is indexing something out of a list please suggest :slight_smile:

Simplify? (right click on list A)

This is the current solution I am using. I was interested to know why the component does this to the data. I can use list index to achieve the same outcome (which doesn’t require flattening afterwards).

if i recall its assuming that there could be more info in the tree & adds a place holder, just suirify if a typical simplify doesn’t do it.

info in links

Thanks Rickson - useful info!