Stupid question: How to split a list of 2 lists into the 2 lists?


I have probably the simplest problem of lists that I haven´t been able to solve, even after googling. The goal is to have the list 0 separately from the list 1, with all of their items as they are. 2 lists, 0 and 1.

I have tried list item, split tree, tree branch, explode tree, stream filter, and probably something else too, but at best only got the first items of those lists separated.

What gives? I have grafted and simplified and flattened all possible components but still the problem remains :smiley:

Thanks in advance, gurus! (15.3 KB)

Ah yes, the adventures in managing tree structures. They can be a pain to get your head around.

In your case you need to use TrimTree to get the tree structure to just {0} and {1}. Then you can use explode tree.


ps: ha, @Gijs beat me by like 10 seconds :smiley: I would rather use the proper TrimTree component though, as it is easier to read imho

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Check this two ways as well. (15.7 KB)

Thanks guys!

So fast… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: