Suirify - Huh?

OK, I’m in the slow lane, and I’ve seen the component Suirify being mentioned several times, but I have never heard anyone explain

  1. what that component do (it’s not in the component list),
  2. what it does better than other components
  3. what the word “Suirify” means, or what it alludes to. Suirify - Huh?

// Rolf

Background reading:


Ha ha. Cool. Thanks for the link!

// Rolf

Since I have been peppering this thing all over the place in my definitions, my life expectancy has increased by 3.2% and my canker sores are gone.


My life expectancy just went up today, too. I’ve been working on a definition that worked great on one object… then I updated it to work on multiple objects. Guess what? It stopped working on one. I traced it back to the inconsistency of Simplify and was getting ready to log a bug, knowing that that ship has long sailed, and there’d be now way it’d ever change.

But then I stumble in to Surify and think - wow, this might just save my definition. I’m still in the process of trying it out, but I have hope now.

@DavidRutten I wish that the Suirify was in the same place as Simplify (Sets > Tree) instead of Params > Util. I also wish it was called Simplify Consistently instead of Surify - as the name doesn’t help me understand at all what it does.

Even better, why isn’t this just an option on Simplify? I’m sure it’ll never be the default… but man, this sure makes working with variable inputs easier. Perhaps it could be a third “C” bool input on Simplify. This seems consistent with all the inputs that go into “Clean Tree”.


I still don’t get the name :smiley:

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Maybe it’s an acronym.

maybe it’s to make something SURE! :grinning:

i believe @osuire who was the initial “requester” of that component, acts as a name muse for @DavidRutten if i may call it so.

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Well, I’ve found that Surify does some of what I think it does, but it’s no panacea. It took


and turned it into


When the first path index had only one value. I wanted


But with Suirify in the mix, things have gotten a lot easier to follow and debug in my definition.

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There was this discussion a few days ago

Hey ! Wait a minute fellows !
This is probably my only worthwhile posterity, so please David, keep that name.