Data Recorder - Option to remove 1 selected item/branch

Hi everyone,
I would like to know if there is an option of data recorder that allows to remove a selected item/branch from the record. Or if not, if there is any alternative for this problem.
Secondly, if the same data recorder could also automatically doublecheck the records, and if the new item/branch would already exist, to replace it with the latest iteration.
Please see Script in attachment with the intention described :slight_smile:

20201215_Save and Remove (11.5 KB)

To clarify your question, you have written a custom Python script to emulate the standard Data Recorder but with an extra โ€˜yโ€™ input connected to a Remove selected Option that is not implemented. Itโ€™s not clear at all how one selects an item to be removed.

Then you have some examples of manipulating the output in various ways by conventional means: Partition, Dispatch, TStat, Branch, etc.

Instead of trying to build an enhanced data recorder in Python, I suggest you learn how to manipulate the output of the standard GH Data Recorder to achieve your goal (which, by the way, is vague).

I need to retain the records for future uses of the script. Unfortunatelly the standard GH Data Recorder starts from scratch each time you close and reopen the script.

The task I would like to achieve is as simple as:
1 - Allow the script to retain and save the parameter values from different options.
2 - If in the future I donโ€™t need one of them, allow the script to just remove the selected one, instead of deleting everything.

Thank you for any help!

So you want to save state to a file and read it when you start your model? Have you looked at Data Output and Data Input? One issue you will encounter is restoring the saved state to sliders or other UI controls.