Data list question

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Thank you in advance for spending time to think about my problem

I am trying to move a set of 2 planes into 4 target Coordinates. The idea is I would like plane “A” to be moved to point “0” and “1” and plane “B” to point “2” and “3”.
Unfortunatelly my results are different and plane “B” gets copied 3 times.

I have attached the simplifed script and a picture of the problem.

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data list (10.0 KB)

Always try to match apples to apples when using higher order collections (like a DT). So for each branch in planes … do whatever you want using all items in the corresponding branch related with the target pts (thus the Trans Vectors maybe defined as targetPt - somePlane.Origin). In order to avoid confusion the planes Tree should contain one item per branch.

Shift the target point data tree so it matches the planes list…

data list (15.7 KB)

Thank both of you.
I understand it now.

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