Data Dam - Increase buffer time

I have a relatively dense definition with several parallel streams. When run, it outputs a number of different results over the course of 50 seconds. (Some items take 5 seconds, some 50).I need a data dam solution that ensures all parts of this definition have completed before running the next stage.

Ideally, I would like a data dam, that I can set time to say 60 seconds. Timer triggers upon first new value, it then receives new data for 50 seconds, and then releases in one go after 60 seconds.

I am aware you can daisy chain 10 second data dam’s together, to increase the time frame to 60 seconds. However, that would only capture the first 10seconds of data before releasing it…

Any ideas?


Hi, i created this component to change Datadam delay time
But first you need to set an input name and choose a number from the datadam (not always or never)
and don’t use Draw full names from Display menu.

Of course you can’t see the new delay time because it is not available in the menu (5.6 KB)


I’m not totally sure, it probably depends on each case, but you should be able to do something like this:

(entwine and bang)

It appears i cant install your .gha without updating my SR. I will get SR updated on Monday, and give this a go! Thanks

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I am not sure i follow what you are implying.
I believe the standard data dam logic is good, it just needs custom buffer time. Hopefully Seghier’s plugin will solve, once i can install

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… that you don’t really need to delay anything at all.
If you set it up correctly, you can let your data flow as soon as it is ready.

But as said, depends from case to case.

Ok, i understand what you are proposing. Apologies for confusion, I tried to not over explain my issue for brevity, but in my case I need them aligned for a few reasons, including a single export to excel.

hi, i install your .gha. but, it dont success to change time of datadam.

Did you follow the steps?


Thank you for this component. What I do need to add down the road to reset the data to false after 0.2 seconds or so? I do want to simulate a Button press to trigger an automatic bake operation when new geometries are calculated. When Data Dam receive data, it is True state, but I do need a way to switch back to false after 0.2s. So I need a switch from True state back to False state after 0.2s. Hopefully I do explained well the concept.

Try this


Thank you. It is working good.