Dashed line in Gh?

Is there any plugin ofering other than default line display?
Anyone having custom solution to share?
Help much appreciated.

Curve Display_1.ghuser (4.4 KB)

This script creates dotted and dashed lines. I put it in my user objects. Pretty handy

Thanks, Martin!
BTW: do you know how to set print layout background to white?

Isn’t it white when you print it?

Sure it’s white :slight_smile: but before the prin’t i’d like to have preview similar to real stuff.
i have tried to find it among colour setting in options, typed layout in serach but it wasn’t there.

Sorry not sure where to change that.

Thanks anyway.
dashed line works fine.

Options command then:

I made it white and it still grey…

Searching a little does not hurt…

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I feel embarassed. It was in plain sight :sweat_smile:

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