D5 render for rhino

Hi, i was checking d5 render after awhile and i found out they now support 3dm files directly at first they didn’t support rhino but i cant seem to find alot of results or info/tutorials…etc
i only found this D5 Render on Twitter: “by Du Langde Rhino to D5 Render https://t.co/4rx6mmABaP” / Twitter
which is pretty awesome and i was wondering what are the pros and cons of using d5 for rhino ?

D5 render based on UE 4 and the evolution of it is very fast, they’re developping Rhino sync plugin to D5 link Enscape, twinmotion …etc
I’m a beta tester for the plugin (it has some bugs but they’re resolving it before the final release)

do you have any render shots to share ?

Here is the download
Download | D5 Render

Here is the gallery for images
D5 Render Gallery | architecture render Image and Video