D5 Render, new Realtime renderer

I just found this, has anybody tried it out?

Seems to be realtime like TwinMotion, but with closer to Vray quality.


Looks really interesting! Will take this for a spin when I have the time - hopefully later this week.

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Only works with Nvidia graphics cards

Not just any Nvidia GPU - an RTX enabled GPU! :grinning:

I’ve tried it out. It has potential. I especially liked the easy post-production stuff.
Also, it’s very easy to use for fast-turnaround.

Yeah, and Windows 10 with DX12.
Well, actually the 1060 is the lowest card supported (as the 10xx series supports raytracing too, but doesn’t have separate, optimized cores for it) I think the 1660 also can do it. But RTX cards are strongly recommended (apparently, as I have not tried it yet)