Cuting function

i saw a new selection tool in V6 " selection with a fence" ( in french it’s “selection avec une cloture”) . this tool is really nice, but it doesn’t work after a cuting function, isn’t it? it’s so bad, is it possible to have this option directly with cutting tool, we could cut by picking, by a window, or drag on screen… no?

Yes, it does work during Trim for example…

  1. Create some geometry to trim plus a trimming curve.
  2. Start Trim, select the trimming curve
  3. Type _SelFence
  4. Drag the fence line across the objects to cut away - they will all trim at once.

You can also use _SelBrush in the same way. Suggest making a quick keyboard alias for both.


ok but you can trim one piece with only one piece,
1.create 3 circles with 1 line crossing circles,
2. start trim, select circles,
3.type _selFence
4. drag the fence line across all line not in circle,
rhino cut only the first piece of line…

Yes, you are correct, that appears to be a bug/limitation using multiple cutters… will file this as an improvement request.



Hello - I see this as well, thanks.