Cut and paste wont keep mapping channels


When I copy to clipboard an object that has mapping coordinates defined and paste it in another scene, the mapping channels are gone. Is this by design ?
The only way to preserve them seems to be exporting the object first to disk and importing into the other scene …
Is this normal ?
Using Rgino 5 with latest SR

Hi Juan - So far custom mapping, like planar mapping, seems to survive, here - is that what you mean?


Hi @pascal,
I did more tests and yes, it seems to work … I’m puzzled now.
Yesterday, I was working on a scene and pasting from another scene would loose the mapping , 3 channels all planar.
Today is fine. Go figure …
If it happens again I’ll save them and send them for you to check what could be happening.
Thanks anyway.

Hi Juan - yeah, please post the file if you see this again, or send to