Customized mesh faces offset direction

am been struggling how to offset a mesh (ring like shape) using a specific direction, not perpendicular to the mesh faces, I have tried different approaches, but without success. What I have been looking for is to do something like the picture below in red:

also an example of a mesh I would like to offset outwards in the horizontal direction (an not along the faces normal as it would occur if I use the mesh offset):
mesh to offset direction parallel to XY (10.9 KB)

Thank you

The simplest way to do this is via deconstruct mesh and construct mesh. You’ll notice that deconstruct has faces and vertices as outputs, and construct mesh has them too. Plug faces in directly, and modify your vertices however you wish. You can use the + or - operators to add vectors to the vertices. Just remember to scale the vectors appropriately using ×

Hi dharman, thank you. I have been trying to do something similar to what you are now suggesting, but then I guess one of my problems is that having a mesh with a ring like shape, I might need to align the normal of each face parallel to XY plan and use it to move the vertices outwards of the original mesh, or otherwise all the vertices would take the same direction? I was able to calculate the angle between the normal of each face and the XY plan, but I am not able use it appropriately to move the vertices outwards of each original face, parallel to the XY plan. I am not sure I am making myself clear enough, Am I? Thanks

Can you remove the z component of the vertex normals then unitize and scale them? This only works if your normals are not vertical. Deconstruct vector and construct vector skipping z should work. Sorry I’m not at a PC so can’t demonstrate or see your file

Thank you but I guess I unable to follow your instructions. To be more precise, I would like to offset/ extrude (create a solid) the mesh in a direction parallel to the plane included in the definition: mesh and offset (12.7 KB)

Hello @pagaimo
Ouahh a script with 2 components. You are really “lost in translation”. Where is the difficulty in following the instruction of @dharman ?
By the way here is a solution, I just put a more general way of doing making a projection of the vector on the plane, but I let the simple way of removing Z component.

The more “hard” part is joining the edges.

mesh and offset (23.5 KB)

Dear @dharman and @laurent_delrieu, thank you for your time suggesting a solution. In the meantime I worked on a solution that I am sharing below in case it can be helpful to someone with the same question. mesh and offset (36.0 KB)
have a great weekend.