Customize 4th and 5th mouse button

I would like to assign copy and move to my 4th and 5th mouse button. How do I do this?

Most probably that would be done in the mouse driver.

Are you using a 3Dconnexion device?

there is no direct way to do it in rhino but you can use a free software called AutoHotkey which let you map any button (mouse and keyboard) to a combination of buttons. below is example that that i use which pans with one button and it does sub-obj selection on the other.

   Sendinput, {Shift down}{RButton down}
   keywait, Xbutton1
   Sendinput, {RButton up}{Shift up}
   Sendinput, {ctrl down}{shift down}{Lbutton down}
   keywait, Xbutton2
   Sendinput, {ctrl up}{shift up}{Lbutton up}
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My mouse driver WAS working. I was able to assign text copy and move but now it seems to have changed both buttons to paste command.